1 Days | From US$ 114
1 Days | From US$ 114 Request This Tour
Activities: Paragliding
Tour duration: Paragliding in Hoa Binh in a day
Route: Hanoi - Hoa Binh Paragliding Point - Hanoi
Grading: See Definition
Paragliding is a sport that can help you to make your dream come true without spending too much time to take part in a flying training course, just have a basic healthy body, no height-sick then you can…FLY.

How can fly as a bird?

Human being’s dream came true since the last century!
But as we are sitting in a tight and air-conditioned plane, we can never have the real feeling like a wide-opened wing bird flying up into the air, breathing fresh, clean open air in the sky, even being able to touch the cloud!!??!!
Else the experience of being on the height looking down to the wide scenery of farms, hills, and mountains with eye-cooled green color, despite being in a plane, we can never enjoy that experience! With Paragliding, you can surely get such experience!
ACTIVETRAVEL can help to make your “dream to FLY” come true!
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