Activities: Motorcycling
Tour duration: 4-day trip with 4-day motorcycling at challenging grade
Country: Vietnam
Route: Hanoi - Mai Chau valley - Son La - Than Uyen - Sapa - Hanoi
Grading: See Definition
 A motorcycling to North Western Vietnam reveals a different route to get from Mai Chau to Son la and ends with the bests of Sapa. Highlights of this motorcycling trips are the magnificent roads with terrace fields to Mai Chau valleys, the beautiful tea plantations in Moc Chau highland and going really off-roads before reaching to the famed town on the mountain – Sapa. The stunning views of terraced fields, plantations, valleys and colorful ethnic culture, dancing are all blended awesomely in a single trip. That is the most typical picture of North West Vietnam on the wheels.
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