Activities: Climbing
Tour duration: 5-day tour with 3-days challenging trekking Fansipan
Country: Vietnam
Route: Hanoi - Sapa - trekking up 2800m Camp site - trekking Fansipan peak - trekking down 2200m Camp site - Sin Chai Village - Sapa - Hanoi
Grading: See Definition
Trekking Fansipan is always the most wanted expedition for climbers to Indochina area. This Fansipan trekking adventure is based on a longer trail in comparison to the rout from Heaven gate. The hardship is just a bit higher while you have more time to enjoy the natural pureness as well as your victory of footing on the Indochina’s roof. Our trekking tour to the top of Mt. Fansipan is challenging and fully supported on each single step by our guides, porters and cooks with local knowledge and understanding of the different hill-tribe cultures on the way.
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