Different types of bikes

Different types of bikes


1. Road Bike

Do you like to ride fast as lightning? Are you interested in riding on streets and sidewalks but not rugged trails? Then I have the perfect bike for you - the Road Bike

The main thing the road bike built for is speed. The road bike is similar to the bikes that race in the Tour de France. Don't you want to be like a famous bike rider in the tour de France? If you do, go out and buy a road bike! It can be used for a race or just riding around in the park. It is more of a modern 10 speed and a lot safer. If you can't afford to buy a Mountain bike or hybrids, go out and buy a road bike. You'll be so happy with the light weight frame, drop bars and all the other things that you can get on the road bike.

Frame: The frame is very light. It has a narrow seat. The frame is usually aluminum, carbon or titanium.

Gears: To change gears you push a lever under the brakes to change gears. That makes changing gears really easy. Keep your gear at a lower gear.

Tires: The tires are so strong that they could hold a bomb squad. The tires are less than an inch wide. If it is a rainy day the road bike has better traction than any other bike.

Brakes: The road bike has caliper brakes. The brakes are sensitive to small changes. The brakes don't have a lot of braking power.

Pedals: When you push the pedals you move the bike forward. The pedals have a lot of grip in case of rain or anything slippery.

Handle bars: Most road bikes have drop bars. The drop bars come in many different shapes. The drop bar allows you to have many different positions with your hands.

2. Mountain Bike

Have you ever wondered why people have different kinds of bikes? Why doesn't everybody have the same bike? Well I'm going to tell you why you should get a mountain bike or a different bike depending on what's right for you.

In the 80's, mountain bikes were beginning to become popular. The reason is because they can ride on most things. They can ride easily on rough terrain including dirt roads, mountains, etc. But they can also ride on street roads and other smooth surfaces. Plus, they can ride on them pretty fast. People liked this idea of riding on practically anything and that's why it became popular. Today, many people including me have a mountain bike for the same reason.

The frames can be made of titanium, carbon-fiber, or other materials. Mountain bikes can handle very well.

You're probably wondering what features a mountain bike has. Mountain bikes have some features that other bikes have and some features that other bikes don't have.

Frame: Mountain bikes have sturdy frames

Gears: A gear is system of 21 speeds.

Tires: Wide, knobby tires to ride over rough terrain

Wheels: A wheel size of 26 inches

Handle bars: Flat handlebars

Suspension: Front and rear suspensions (optional)

3. Hybrid Bike

Do you like a nice, easy ride? If you don't like rugged trails and you're not into racing, then this lightweight bike is perfect for you. You'll get a smoother ride for you guys out there who aren't serious bike riders. A hybrid is a combination of a mountain bike and a road bike. It was made for rough bike paths and for light off-road riding.

Frame: The frame is made of lightweight steel and aluminum. It was made for comfortable upright riding.

Gears: The hybrid has a fair amount of gears, because it is a combination. It has no ultra low gears like the mountain bike because you are not supposed to ride it on heavy, rugged terrain.

Tires: The hybrid has fairly big tires, bigger than most mountain bikes. The tires are pumped as much as they can and are definitely high pressure.

Brakes: The brakes on this bike are very sensitive and efficient. You can stop all of a sudden and not skid very much.

Wheels: The wheels on hybrids are thick. They are like mountain bike wheels, yet light, like a road bike.

Handle bars: The handlebars on hybrids are very upright which is very similar to the frame. The handlebars also have great traction and grip.

  4. BMX Bike

If you don't like to ride on streets and sidewalks, but love to have bike races on dirt roads, do lots of tricks, and try some stunts, then a BMX bike is the perfect bike for you. A BMX bike looks similar to a motorcycle, but BMX bikes are made for racing, stunts and tricks; therefore, they do not have as many parts and they are very light.

: The frame on the BMX bike is like a triangle. They have extra pieces to connect the tubes together so the bike can take heavier hits.

Gears: These bikes have only one fixed gear, so the bike is even lighter.

Tires: This type of bike has tires with very good traction so they can turn better.

Brakes: It also has three different kinds of brakes: a rear wheel brake, front wheel, and coaster brakes.

Wheels: The classic dirt bike has tiny twenty-inch wheels. 
This makes the bike astonishingly lightweight.

Pedals: The pedals on a BMX racing bike are made of an alloy, a mixture of metals, so they will be very light.

Handle bars: It has high braced handlebars that slant to the back

5. Track Racing Bike

The track racing bike is one of the fastest bikes that you can get. Even though there is only one original track racing bike, there are a few spin-offs that are modeled off the original. If you have long legs and love to move really fast, then you should get a track racing bike and be a speed demon.

: The frame on this bike is very lightweight so the bicycle can go as fast as possible.

Gears: This bike has one fixed gear. Their racers or riders do not have to change gears at all so they can go as fast as possible.

Tires: The tires on the track racing bike are amazing. They can be pumped up to 240 pounds per square inch. The tires have a whole lot of traction so they can grip onto the track.

Brakes: The track racing bike has absolutely no brakes. To make the bike as fast as possible, it has to be lightweight. Therefore you eliminate the brakes because the racers never have to use them. After the race they just keep going until they slow down enough to get off.

Wheels: The wheels on this bike are different from most other bikes. When the wheels turn the pedals do to so there is no coasting. The wheels are made a metal alloy so they are as light as possible.

Handle bars: The handlebars on racing bikes are very low so the rider can lean down and increase aerodynamics.


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