Notable Tips for Tourists to Explore Vietnam Adventure Tours to Captivating Caves

Notable Tips for Tourists to Explore Vietnam Adventure Tours to Captivating Caves

Vietnam is becoming a wonderful tourist destination for many visitor all over the world thanks to the proper investment of the government on tourism. Going along with this development, there appears more and more comfortable and interesting services to meet different requirements of tourist recreation. One of the most favorite choices in Vietnam adventure tours that is chosen by foreign tourists when visiting Vietnam is caves contemplation. Being a country with tremendous islands, river, caves and beaches, this type of tourism service is becoming increasingly popular. However, there are some important tips that tourists must pay attention on to better enjoy the trip with such interesting adventure activities in Vietnam.






The caves are often cold and damp, so you should prepare thick, waterproof and comfortable clothes for walking, climbing ... To keep the body temperature stable, it is advisable to wear a wool coat or jacket. Just as in any other cycling Vietnam tours, you should also prepare pads for the knees and elbows in case of crawling in tight spaces. Besides, a clean set of clothes is also needed before you go home.

Necessary tools

The basic tools needed are lights, helmets, cave maps, candles, waterproof matches, oval rings, 8th string, wire rope, gloves, medicine, water filter, ambulance and compass to make your easy Vietnam adventure tours. Besides, the followings should be noted:


Lights: You should use high power lights which can be utilized for a long time. Each person should prepare at least 3 torches (carry backup batteries).


Helmets: Some cave ceilings are usually rugged and have stalactites, so you should use hiking hats. If not available, replace it with a worker's hat or a helmet, which is needed for any Vietnam adventure activities.


Water and food: You should bring water along because water provided in the cave is not clean enough. It is up to your own plan that you can carry a suitable amount of water. Essential foods are fruits, synthetic protein and processed foods. It is because this activity wastes as much energies as in a trekking tour in Vietnam.

Small bag: You should use a small bag to hold the most used stuff.

Necessary notes when exploring caves


Members should keep their distance when moving. The most experienced should lead the group and another good one should go at the end. When members do not catch up with each other, the front man must stop waiting for the team to stabilize again. You should also observe the leader to adjust your pace. This is an important Vietnam travel guide for every tourist.


Do not disturb the lives of cave-dwelling creatures such as bats, snakes ... because they can be dangerous to you in such Vietnam adventure tours. In case of being attacked, wash the wounds clean and then bandage and take care of the pain carefully.

When you get lost, calm down to assess the situation. Please light candles and turn off all flashlights to conserve energy and try to remember the way to go back. If realizing that you have not been in the team, the rescue team will look for you. So the best travel guide for you in Vietnam is that you should sit back, listen and wait.

In case of coping with obstacles which stop you from moving, just come back to avoid unworthy accidents.


Do not go alone.

Do not use old wires or ladders found in the cave.

Other notes

You should write the most detailed plan, accurately record the location of the cave entrance, the direction you have followed, the point you have passed ... then clamped with the schedule. This will help the rescue team deploy a search plan faster if you get lost.


Of course, the following notes is just in case of emergency and in some bad expectations. However, it is better to be well-prepared for any situation to come. When you feel safe, you can enjoy the interesting and amazing Vietnam adventure tours better and make memorable experiences when exploring caves in Vietnam, or anywhere else in the beautiful world.

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